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Nier Engineering assists developing novel devices, methodologies, and systems for diverse applications through producing, managing, and licensing patents. Some currently pending patents in the holding have potential to be developed as automated gardening or agricultural robotics. Some inventions in the holding could be applied to provide insulated and regulated spaces which can mimic extreme environments. Licensing of intellectual property through Nier Engineering provides licensees with access to a variety of technological provisions, such as the inventions mentioned herein and more. Furthermore, Nier Engineering makes significant efforts in managing, advertising, and licensing patents. The patents that are managed by Nier Engineering include but are not limited to the patents in the field of engineering. Nier Engineering desires that all the inventions that are advocated be further developed and utilized to the fullest extent possible, thus cordially seeking inventors, buyers, licensees, and collaborators in such endeavors. Nier Engineering proudly provides assistance to your business by facilitating the process of monetizing patents and patent applications of various inventions, in broad scopes and with discreet considerations.

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